My Bravery Chart

Reward good steps in overcoming fears and worries.

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Resource Info

This chart is all about rewarding positive steps - when your child does something out of their comfort zone or faces something they're afraid of, stick it on the chart and ask them to fill in the prompts. In the circles, they can either draw an emotion face or colour how they feel.

Optional - why not add a reward for completing the chart? This may spur them on to keep trying new things and push themselves further out of their home comforts!

About this resource:

My Bravery Chart is a powerful tool designed to help children aged 4 and above overcome their fears and worries with positive reinforcement. This chart is all about rewarding and acknowledging the courageous steps children take when facing their fears and anxieties.

With My Bravery Chart, you can celebrate and reward the positive steps your child takes in overcoming their challenges. Whenever they do something that pushes their boundaries or confronts a fear, simply stick a symbol or sticker on the chart. Then, encourage them to fill in the prompts provided, such as describing the situation, how they felt, and what they accomplished. This reflection process allows children to recognise their progress and boosts their self-awareness.
This is a valuable mental health reward chart, providing support and encouragement for children facing various mental health challenges. It empowers them to take small but significant steps towards personal growth and recovery. By acknowledging and celebrating their bravery, children develop resilience, self-confidence, and a positive mindset.

Parents, professionals, and teachers can utilise My Bravery Chart as a powerful resource to nurture bravery and self-discovery. By creating a safe and motivating environment, this chart cultivates a culture of positivity and rewards children for their progress. It is a practical tool for helping children develop the resilience and confidence needed to face life's challenges head-on.

Reward charts for kids have long been recognised as effective tools for behaviour modification and goal attainment. My Bravery Chart builds upon this concept by specifically targeting mental health challenges. It provides a visual representation of progress, encourages reflection and self-expression, and instils a sense of achievement.

Equip children with the tools they need to face their fears, build resilience, and foster a positive outlook on challenges. Empower them with My Bravery Chart and watch as they grow in confidence and accomplish remarkable feats, one brave step at a time.