My Book-et List

Encourage more reading by creating a fun book-et list together!

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Resource Info

Encourage more reading with your very own book bucket list - or a 'book-et list'! Have fun filling this out with your child then ticking off the books as they read them. When the book-et list is complete, ask your little one to reflect on which book they enjoyed the most. But don't stop there - you can print this resource as many times as you wish so there is always a book on the horizon!

About this resource

This resource involves creating a personalised bucket list where children can list the books they would like to read and explore. It promotes a love for reading and helps children discover new books and authors.

• Age Range: Suitable for children aged 3 and above, fostering a love for reading from an early age.
• Encourage goal setting: working towards goals and achieving goals is great for mental health.
• Reading Encouragement: My Book-et List serves as a tool to encourage children to engage in reading activities, promoting literacy and a lifelong love for books.
• Engaging with books provides numerous benefits such as language development, imagination stimulation, cognitive growth, and enhanced vocabulary.
• Exploration of New Books: This activity encourages children to explore a variety of books, authors, and genres, expanding their reading preferences.
• My Book-et List is suitable for parents, educators, and professionals seeking to promote reading and literacy skills in children.
• Perfect for World Book Day: This resource aligns well with World Book Day, offering an opportunity to celebrate books and reading.
• Broaden Book Resources: My Book-et List can be used alongside other book-related resources, providing a comprehensive approach to encouraging reading.

My Book-et List promotes reading engagement and literacy skills development. It fosters a sense of excitement and curiosity about books, encourages exploration of new reading materials, and supports language development and imagination. By creating a personalised book bucket list, children are motivated to engage with literature and experience the numerous benefits that reading offers.

• Children have the freedom to choose and prioritise books they are interested in, creating a personalised reading journey.
• Encouragement and Motivation: My Book-et List serves as a positive reinforcement tool, motivating children to engage in reading activities and explore new books.
• Versatile Usage: This resource can be utilised in various settings, including homes, classrooms, libraries, and reading clubs, to foster a love for reading.
• Integration with World Book Day: My Book-et List aligns well with the celebration of World Book Day, providing an engaging activity to commemorate the event.