Minecraft Emotion Regulation Pack

Help children to understand their emotional responses.

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Resource Info

Is your child obsessed with Minecraft? Or perhaps there is a child in your classroom struggling with their emotions who loves to play this popular video game at home?

In this pack you will find four activities and worksheets to help children learn to identify their emotions, think about their emotional responses and what helps them to feel calm.

Activities include a feelings/behaviour scale (based on the 5 Point Scale), Zones of Regulation, a calming cut and paste activity and a feelings exploration worksheet.

About this resource:

The Minecraft Emotion Regulation Pack is designed for children aged 5-11 who are fans of the popular video game. This pack includes a variety of activities and worksheets to help children understand and manage their emotions.

• Emotion and Behaviour Management: The pack provides resources to support children in managing their emotions and behaviours effectively.
• Emotional Response Awareness: Children learn to identify and understand their emotional responses through engaging activities and worksheets.
• Building Strategies: The pack helps children develop strategies to deal with unhelpful emotions, promoting self-regulation and emotional well-being.
• Behaviour Management: The activities and worksheets contribute to fostering positive behaviours and actions by encouraging reflection and self-awareness.
• Minecraft Theme: The pack is Minecraft-themed, making it engaging and relatable for children who enjoy playing the game.


• Emotional Understanding: By using the Minecraft Emotion Regulation Pack, children can develop a better understanding of their emotions and how they impact their behaviour.
• Emotional Regulation: The activities and worksheets guide children in building strategies to regulate their emotions, promoting self-control and positive coping skills.
• Behavioural Management: Children learn to manage their actions and behaviours by reflecting on their emotions and implementing appropriate strategies.
• Engaging and Fun: The Minecraft theme adds an element of enjoyment and familiarity, making the activities and worksheets more engaging for children.

The pack provides valuable resources for parents, professionals, and teachers to help children with emotional and behavioural challenges.

This pack is an engaging and supportive resource for parents, professionals, and teachers working with children who are fans of Minecraft. It provides valuable tools for promoting emotional well-being, self-regulation, and positive behaviour in children aged 5-11.