Mindful Trainer Tracing

For kids and teens who love their trainers, we've created this fun finger tracing exercise. Read more about the benefits of mindful finger tracing below.

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Resource Info

Mindful finger tracing is a calming and grounding practise that offers several benefits. When individuals trace their fingers along various surfaces or patterns, they engage their sense of touch and create a sensory connection with the physical world. This simple, tactile activity can help reduce stress, anxiety, and promote relaxation by focusing one's attention on the present moment.

It encourages mindfulness, which in turn can enhance concentration and cognitive clarity. Mindful finger tracing can be a valuable tool for those seeking emotional regulation, as it builds self-awareness and emotional control. This practise is accessible to people of all ages and can be integrated into daily routines, making it a convenient way to improve overall well-being and mental health.

We have created this fun Trainer Tracing exercise to help children and teens feel more engaged. Have your child trace the trainer using their finger whilst taking deep breaths in and out.