Mindful Marvel – Spider-Man

Mindful Marvel is our new series to help children feel calm with their favourite superheroes! First up we have 10 mindful Spider-Man themed activities ready to download and use now.

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Resource Info

Mindful Marvel: Spider-Man Edition - Helping children to feel calm with their favourite superheroes!

Discover a universe of mindful adventures with your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!

In the bustling world of superheroes, Spider-Man swings into action not only to save the day but also to guide young minds towards calm in our new Mindful Marvel series. Introducing our first Spider-Man edition—a collection of 10 Spider-Man themed mindful activities, carefully designed to inspire calmness, resilience and self-belief in children.

Affirmation Colouring Sheets

Embark on a colouring adventure that goes beyond the lines! Our Spider-Man Affirmation Colouring Sheets merge creativity with positive affirmations, allowing children to express themselves while reinforcing empowering thoughts.

Spider Senses Grounding Activity

Immerse in the magic of Spider-Man's world with a unique grounding activity—Spider Senses! Through the power of senses and using their imagination, children can feel calm and present.

Webs of Self-Belief

Craft webs of self-belief with Spiderman. This activity encourages children to explore their strengths and inner superhero qualities, promoting a sense of confidence and self-assurance.

Mindful Breathing with Spidey

Join Spider-Man with our spiderweb breathing exercise, teaching children the superhero art of staying calm in any situation. Mindful breathing becomes a superpower for managing stress and anxiety.

Plus more!

Unlock the power of calmness with Spiderman and download this resource now!