Mindful Marvel – Iron Man

Help children to feel calm and present with Marvel's smartest hero - Iron Man! Mindful Marvel is our series of mindful resources based around children's favourite superheroes. Find out more about what's included below.

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Resource Info

Mindful Marvel - Helping your children to feel calm with their favourite superheroes! A downloadable series of mindful worksheets for kids.

In the next instalment of Mindful Marvel, we are excited to bring you this Iron Man themed resource featuring 11 printable calming and grounding activities for children.

Fancy doing some deep breathing with Iron Man or designing a new arc reactor? Let's take a look at some of the activities below:

Affirmation colouring worksheets:

Included in this Mindful Marvel series is some fun Iron Man themed colouring sheets with words of affirmation and self-esteem boosting activities. Such as "I am as smart as Tony Stark" and activities to boost confidence such as "I can do amazing things" - an activity to write down all the amazing things you can do. Your children can also doodle or colour in our amazing arc reactor!

Five Finger Breathing:

Practise some deep breathing using Iron Man's powerful hand. Trace his fingers breathing in and out. holding at the dots. Once your child has mastered this breathing exercise, they have a coping skill they can use it at any time, anywhere using their own hand.

Calmer Armour

Iron Man's suit protects him from harm and keeps him safe, this activity is all about helping your children to explore their safe places, objects and adults to help them feel calm.

Come up with your own invention

Tony Stark is a master inventor. Here, we encourage your children to harness their inner Tony Stark and come up with an invention that will help them right now. What will they invent? Perhaps it's a heated cushion that they can cuddle to feel calm or a tele-porter that will take them to another planet! Anything goes in this activity.

Design an arc reactor / Iron Man suit

Help your children release their creativity and encourage them to design a new arc reactor or a new Iron Man suit. Arc reactors are amazingly powerful and they look cool too - can your children use shapes and patterns to design their own?

If you're looking for a way to help children feel calm and give them fun activities that will support their mental health and emotional development, then download our Mindful Marvel - Iron Man edition now!