Mindful Gaming

Mindful Gaming is a resource designed to help children manage their emotions while gaming.

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Resource Info

Mindful Gaming is a resource designed to help children manage their emotions while gaming. It recognises that gaming can evoke various emotions, both positive and negative, and aims to promote emotional awareness, regulation and learning through a gaming-themed approach.

Key Features:

Emotion management: The resource provides tools and activities to help children recognise and manage their emotions while engaging in gaming. It encourages them to develop strategies for emotional regulation and self-awareness.

Mindfulness in gaming: Mindful Gaming combines the popular activity of gaming with the principles of mindfulness. It encourages children to be present, aware of their emotions, and make conscious choices in their gaming experiences.

Mario-themed sheets: The resource utilises the iconic Super Mario characters and elements to engage children in the activities. This familiar and beloved gaming theme adds an element of fun and relatability to the emotional exploration process.

Emotional learning: Through the activities in Mindful Gaming, children can learn about different emotions, their triggers and how to effectively express and manage them. It promotes emotional intelligence and empathy, helping children understand their own emotions and the emotions of others.


Emotional awareness: Mindful Gaming helps children develop a greater understanding of their emotions while gaming. It encourages them to identify and label their feelings, fostering emotional awareness and self-reflection.

Emotional regulation: By exploring emotions and practising mindful approaches, children can learn strategies for regulating their emotions while gaming. This can lead to a more balanced and enjoyable gaming experience.

Self-expression and communication: The resource promotes open communication about emotions. It encourages children to express their feelings, both positive and negative, fostering healthy communication and self-expression.

Mindful decision-making: Mindful Gaming cultivates mindfulness skills, teaching children to make conscious choices while gaming. It helps them develop the ability to pause, reflect, and make mindful decisions that align with their emotional well-being.

By promoting emotional awareness, regulation, self-expression, and mindful decision-making, this resource empowers children to have a more positive and emotionally balanced gaming experience.