Mindful Exit Cards – 8 Calming Exit Cards for Children

Help children feel confident to request time out and self-regulate when the classroom environment becomes too overwhelming; our Mindful Exit Cards feature a maze on each card to help children feel calm and grounded during their time away.

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Resource Info

Mindful Exit Cards: A Tool for Children to Find Calm Amidst Overwhelm

For children with ADHD, anxiety, autism or sensory difficulties, the classroom can quickly become a place of overwhelm. Help children learn to identify when they need time out and feel confident to communicate their need for self-regulation by downloading our Mindful Exit Cards.

Resource Overview:

Mindful Exit Cards offer children a discreet and effective way to take a break from the classroom and regain their composure when feeling overwhelmed. Each card features a unique mindful maze, providing children with a calming activity to focus on as they navigate their emotions.

Key Features:

  1. Eight Printable Cards: With eight printable cards included in the set, children have access to multiple opportunities to practice mindfulness and self-regulation throughout the day.
  2. Mindful Mazes: Each card features a mindful maze designed to engage children's attention and promote focus and concentration.
  3. Discreet and Portable: Mindful Exit Cards are compact and portable, allowing children to carry them in their pocket or backpack for easy access whenever they need a moment to collect themselves.

How to Use Mindful Exit Cards:

  1. Recognise Signs of Overwhelm: Encourage children to recognise the signs of overwhelm, such as feelings of stress, frustration, or anxiety, and to use their mindful exit card as a signal that they need a moment to themselves.
  2. Step Away and Self-Regulate: When feeling overwhelmed, children can quietly excuse themselves from the classroom and find a quiet, comfortable space. They can then take a few deep breaths to centre themselves and complete our maze.
  3. Return: When they feel ready, children can return to the classroom feeling calm and confident.

Why Mindful Exit Cards Matter:

Mindful Exit Cards empower children to learn important self-regulation skills and feel in control of their emotions in the face of stress and overwhelm.

By providing children with a simple yet effective tool for self-regulation, we equip them with valuable skills they can carry with them throughout their lives.