Mental Health Conversation Cards

Not sure how to start a conversation about mental health? These cards are designed to facilitate open and engaging discussions with children.

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Resource Info

Our Mental Health Conversation Cards are designed to facilitate open and engaging discussions about mental health with children. Recognising the challenges of asking questions and initiating conversations around this topic, the cards provide a supportive and informative resource. They encourage children to explore their thoughts and feelings in a safe and non-judgmental setting.

Key Features:

Open-ended questions: The conversation cards feature open-ended questions that allow for thoughtful and meaningful discussions about thoughts, emotions and experiences.

Fun and engaging format: The cards are designed in a fun and visually appealing format to capture children's attention and make the conversation more enjoyable. This helps create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for discussing sensitive topics.
Informative and educational: Alongside the discussion prompts, the cards provide information and insights into mental health topics. This helps children expand their understanding, learn coping strategies, and develop empathy towards others' experiences.

Encourages self-expression: The Mental Health Conversation Cards encourage children to express their thoughts and feelings openly. By engaging in these discussions, children can develop self-awareness, improve emotional literacy and feel supported in their mental well-being.


Facilitates open discussions: The conversation cards provide a structured and supportive framework for discussing mental health. They help children feel more comfortable and empowered to express their thoughts, concerns and experiences.

Promotes mental health awareness: By exploring various mental health topics, the cards contribute to raising awareness and reducing stigma around mental health. Children gain knowledge and insights into different aspects of mental well-being.

Emotional expression and coping strategies: The cards prompt children to reflect on their emotions and coping mechanisms, fostering emotional intelligence and resilience. They can learn and share effective strategies for managing their mental well-being.

Builds empathy and support: Engaging in conversations about mental health helps children develop empathy and understanding towards others' experiences. It creates a supportive environment where children can provide validation, encouragement, and support to their peers.