Looking After My Mental Health

Explore ways to look after out mental wellbeing.

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Resource Info

This activity is the perfect activity to bring about discussion on ways we can look after our mental health, whilst empowering your children to feel in control of their own wellbeing.

About this resource:

Looking After My Mental Health is an educational resource designed for children aged 5-11 to explore and learn about ways to promote positive mental health and look after their well-being.

• Mental Health Education: The resource provides valuable information and discussions about mental health, introducing children to the concept of wellbeing and the importance of taking care of their mental health.
• Self-Care Tips: Children can explore practical self-care tips and strategies that they can incorporate into their daily lives to promote their mental well-being.
• Mental Health Discussion: The resource offers a chance to discuss techniques for managing stress, building resilience, and promoting positive emotions.
• Promotes Positive Mental Health: By engaging in discussions and activities related to mental health, children develop an understanding of the importance of positive mental health and learn how to cultivate it.
• Lifelong Wellbeing Skills: The resource equips children with skills and knowledge that can contribute to their well-being throughout their lives, developing long-term positive mental health habits.


• Looking After My Mental Health helps children to feel in control of their own mental health by helping them think of things they can do to encourage positive mental wellbeing.

• Children can explore and learn practical self-care strategies, such as practicing mindfulness, engaging in physical activity, expressing emotions, and seeking support when needed.

• The resource promotes the importance of positive mental health, encouraging children to prioritise their well-being and take proactive steps to maintain and enhance it.

• By learning about mental health and well-being, children gain a sense of empowerment and resilience, knowing that they have tools and strategies to support their mental well-being.