Keep Cool Ice Cream

This interactive cut out activity encourages your child to learn and explore coping strategies.

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Resource Info

This interactive cut out activity encourages your child to learn and explore coping strategies - writing their favourite calming techniques on the ice creams and building their own Keep Cool Ice Cream.

Directions: As the temperatures rise, this fun and creative activity invites children to create their own "coping ice cream" by identifying and writing down various calming techniques and assigning each technique a fun ice cream flavour. Once they’ve done that, they can then cut out and assemble their ice cream.

Extra mindful activity - can you ask your child to imagine how each flavour will taste? Warning - this activity may have you running for the ice cream van!

About this resource:

This resource helps children discover effective ways to manage anger, frustration, and worries. Whether you're a parent, professional, or teacher, this activity offers a refreshing and enjoyable approach to promoting emotional well-being in children during the summer season.


• Engaging Ice Cream Theme: The Keep Cool Ice Cream activity captures the essence of summertime enjoyment with its ice cream theme. By associating coping techniques with different flavours of ice cream, children are encouraged to view these strategies as enjoyable and refreshing tools for managing their emotions.
• Exploration of Coping Techniques: This activity prompts children to think about and identify their favourite coping techniques. They are encouraged to write these techniques on the ice creams, allowing them to reflect on what works best for them individually. By engaging in this exploration, children gain self-awareness and develop a toolkit of coping strategies they can utilise during challenging moments.
• Personalisation and Creativity: The Keep Cool Ice Cream activity allows children to personalise their coping ice creams according to their preferences. They can assign different flavours to their coping techniques, reflecting their unique tastes and preferences. This builds creativity and ownership, making the activity more meaningful and empowering.
• Calming and Mindful Experience: As children construct their coping ice creams, they are able to feel present, grounded and connected to their surroundings.
• Emotional Regulation: By encouraging children to explore coping techniques and create their coping ice cream, this activity promotes emotional regulation. It provides children with a tangible representation of the strategies they can employ to manage heightened emotions. This visual reminder serves as a helpful tool for children to refer to during times of heightened emotions, facilitating self-soothing and promoting a sense of calm.
• Versatility and Enjoyment: The Keep Cool Ice Cream activity can be enjoyed in various settings, including at home, in the classroom, or during therapy sessions. Its versatility allows parents, professionals, and teachers to incorporate it into their repertoire of tools for supporting children's emotional well-being. Whether it's used as a standalone activity or as part of a larger discussion on emotions and coping, this resource offers flexibility and adaptability.

By participating in the Keep Cool Ice Cream activity, children can develop a greater understanding of their emotional needs and build practical, life-long coping skills.