I’m Sorry Cards

A great way to inspire apologies. Fill in the cards and reflect.

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Resource Info

Guilt can be a complex emotion, saying sorry can help to relieve guilt and promotes positive wellbeing. Our I’m Sorry cards can be left around your home, classroom or community setting for children to pick up and fill out whenever they need to apologise.


• Help children to recognise when to apologise without prompting.
• Help children to relieve the complex feelings of guilt.
• Children can experience the positive feelings of apologising – helping other people and making others feel good helps us feel good too.
• Teach good manners and the importance of accepting and acknowledging responsibility for our actions and behaviours.
• Apologising positively impacts mental health and improves self esteem.
• Children learn that apologising helps us to move forward, come to solutions and build relationships.

Simply print, cut out and leave somewhere accessible.