I Like to Move It Move It

Discover all the ways you are active in your day - how can you be more active?

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Resource Info

Being active doesn't just mean playing a sport or being part of a club - there are lots of ways we are active in our daily lives - and there may be lots of ways we can be MORE active too!

Help children to think about their activity levels during the week - what do they do? Perhaps it's going to the park or walking to school - write their actions in the basketballs. If they can't think of enough activities to fill the balls - then it's time to think of ways they can incorporate more exercise into their week.

About this resource:

I Like to Move It Move It is an engaging activity designed for children aged 5+ to reflect on their activity levels throughout the week. In this worksheet, children are encouraged to think about their daily actions and write them in the basketballs. Whether it's going to the park, walking to school, or engaging in other activities, this resource prompts children to become more aware of their physical movements.

The purpose of this activity is to inspire children to evaluate their activity levels and consider ways to incorporate more exercise into their weekly routine. If they find that they can't think of enough activities to fill the basketballs, it serves as a reminder to brainstorm additional ways to stay active.

• Age Range: 5-8 years
• Worksheet Format: Provides a hands-on and visually appealing worksheet that captures children's attention and encourages their participation.
• Promotes and encourages children to prioritise physical activity.
• Valuable for parents, professionals, and teachers seeking to promote exercise and its benefits to children.


I Like to Move It Move It serves as a fun and engaging resource that encourages children to be mindful of their activity levels and promotes an active lifestyle. By reflecting on their actions and considering ways to incorporate more exercise, children can develop a greater awareness of the importance of physical activity for their overall well-being. This activity supports the link between exercise and mental health, helping them to develop positive habits early on.