I Can Orangutan

I Can Orangutan is part of our popular Orangutan Can series of resources.

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Resource Info

I Can Orangutan is part of our popular Orangutan Can series of resources, designed to help children develop a positive mindset and replace self-limiting beliefs with a can-do attitude.

In this worksheet, children are encouraged to list all the things they can do, building self-confidence and self-belief. The friendly orangutan character serves as a supportive companion, reminding children that they are capable of achieving great things, just like the orangutan who can!

Key Features:

Empowering Message: The worksheet focuses on shifting the narrative from "I Can't" to "I Can." By prompting children to identify and list the things they can do, it helps to facilitate a growth mindset and encourages a positive self-perception.

Confidence Building: Engaging in this activity helps children recognise their abilities and accomplishments, reinforcing their self-confidence. It empowers them to approach challenges with a can-do attitude and a belief in their own capabilities.
Self-Awareness Activity: The worksheet prompts children to consider a wide range of skills and abilities they possess. Whether it's swimming, riding a bike, tying shoelaces, counting, or solving math problems, it encourages children to acknowledge their unique talents and achievements.


Positive Mindset: I Can Orangutan facilitates a positive mindset in children by emphasising their capabilities and strengths. It encourages them to focus on what they can do, building resilience and a belief in their own potential. This can help them to try new things and helps them to feel more confident in overcoming challenges.

Self-Confidence: Engaging in this activity boosts children's self-confidence by highlighting their accomplishments. Recognising their abilities fosters a sense of pride and reminds them that they are capable of amazing things.

Empowerment: The worksheet empowers children to take ownership of their abilities and achievements. It teaches them to approach tasks and challenges with a positive attitude and to believe in themselves.

Motivation: By focusing on their accomplishments, children are motivated to continue learning and growing. Recognising their abilities fuels their motivation to explore new skills and pursue their interests.

The I Can Orangutan is a valuable resource from the Orangutan Can series that helps children develop a can-do attitude and facilitates a growth mindset in young children and early learners. This worksheet encourages children to embrace their strengths and empowers them to believe in their own potential.