I Can Keep Cool Colouring

Colour in our fun ice lolly themed mindful colouring sheets and feel instantly cool and calm!

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Resource Info

Colour in our fun ice lolly themed mindful colouring sheets and feel instantly cool and calm! Each page has the affirmation ‘I can keep my cool,’ helping children to feel relaxed and focused.

About this resource:

A set of mindful colouring sheets featuring delightful ice lolly designs. This resource aims to promote mindfulness and a sense of calmness in children by engaging them in a soothing and creative colouring session.


• Mindful Colouring Experience: These calming summer themed colouring sheets offers children can feel grounded, relaxed and present.
• Affirmation Reinforcement: The inclusion of the affirmation "I can keep my cool" on each page of the colouring sheets serves as a powerful reinforcement of their ability to self-regulate. As children colour in the designs, they internalise the affirmation, building self-belief and confidence in their ability to manage their emotions.
• Calming: The ice lolly theme of the colouring sheets adds an element of coolness and relaxation to the activity. As children engage in colouring the refreshing designs, this resource provides a soothing outlet for stress relief and emotional regulation, allowing them to let go of distractions and worries.
• Creative Expression: I Can Keep Cool Colouring encourages children to express their creativity through colour selection and design interpretation. This resource provides an outlet for self-expression, promotes a sense of accomplishment and boosts self-esteem.
• Versatility and Accessibility: This is a versatile resource suitable for a wide range of settings and age groups. It can be used at home, in classrooms, therapy sessions, or as part of mindfulness programs. The simplicity of the activity makes it accessible to children of varying artistic abilities.

These fun ice lolly themed colouring sheets offer a mindful and creative outlet for children to develop a sense of calmness and focus. With affirmations, engaging designs, and the mindful benefits of colouring, this resource helps your children to feel calm, positive and focused.