I am a VIP

I am a VIP is an activity that encourages children to reflect on their sense of importance and worth.

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Resource Info

I am a VIP is an activity that encourages children to reflect on their sense of importance and worth. By filling in their very own VIP pass and discussing the prompts, children explore the concept of importance, recognise their value and learn strategies to boost their self-esteem.

Directions: Have your children fill in their very own VIP pass by filling in our prompts. This is best completed as a discussion activity, you could talk about what the word important means, reaffirming that even though we are all different and unique, we all matter.

Key Features:

Prompts for Reflection: The worksheet provides prompts that encourage children to think about their importance and self-worth. They are prompted to consider when they feel important and what they can do when they don't feel important.

Discussion Activity: I am a VIP prompts meaningful conversations about the meaning of the word importance and reinforcing the idea that everyone matters.

Self-Empowerment: The activity promotes self-empowerment by encouraging children to recognise their own importance and value.


Self-Esteem Boost: Engaging in I am a VIP helps boost children's self-esteem by encouraging them to recognise their own importance and unique qualities. It reinforces a positive self-image and promotes a sense of self-worth.

Self-Reflection: The activity promotes self-reflection as children think about their own feelings of importance and moments when they may not feel important. This self-awareness allows them to explore strategies to enhance their sense of worth and cope with situations when they feel less valued.

Empathy and Inclusion: By discussing the concept of importance and recognising the value of each individual, I am a VIP promotes empathy and inclusion.

Communication and Connection: The activity opens up opportunities for meaningful discussions about self-esteem and emotional well-being.

By reflecting on their importance and engaging in discussions about self-worth, children gain a better understanding of their value and develop strategies to enhance their self-esteem.