Green Eyed Monster / Exploring Jealousy Activity

An activity thinking about how jealousy makes us feel and what we can do when we feel jealous.

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Resource Info

This monster-themed resource explores the feeling of jealousy with your children

About this resource:

Green Eyed Monster is a fun, monster-themed worksheet designed to help children understand and cope with the emotion of jealousy.

Key Features:

• Jealousy Exploration: The activity provides a platform for children to explore the feeling of jealousy and understand how it affects them emotionally.
• Emotional Awareness: Children are encouraged to identify and express their feelings of jealousy, developing emotional intelligence and self-awareness.
• Coping Strategies: The worksheet guides children in developing strategies to deal with jealousy when it arises, empowering them with effective tools for managing their emotions.
• Inspiring Happiness and Gratitude: By exploring jealousy and its impact, children are prompted to shift their focus towards gratitude and finding happiness in their own circumstances.


• Emotional Understanding: The activity helps children gain a deeper understanding of jealousy and how it can affect their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.
• Coping Skills Development: Children learn practical strategies to cope with jealousy, promoting emotional resilience and self-regulation.
• Empathy Building: Through the exploration of jealousy, children develop empathy and understanding towards others who may experience similar emotions.
• Positive Mindset: By encouraging children to shift their perspective and focus on their own circumstances, the resource promotes a positive mindset and contentment with their own experiences.
• Communication and Reflection: The activity provides a platform for open discussions about jealousy, allowing children to express their feelings, reflect on their experiences, and seek support from parents or teachers.

This activity supports children in understanding and managing jealousy. It promotes emotional awareness, provides coping strategies, inspires gratitude, and encourages empathy. By engaging with this resource, children can develop valuable emotional skills and cultivate a more positive outlook on their own experiences.