Gratitude Sun

Team this feel-good activity with our adults version and do it together.

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Resource Info

My Gratitude Sun is a delightful activity designed to introduce the concept of gratitude and foster a sense of appreciation in children. With the Gratitude Sun, children have the opportunity to reflect on and express gratitude for the things they are thankful for.

Encouraging children to practise gratitude has numerous powerful benefits for their overall mental health and well-being. By engaging in this activity, children can develop a positive mindset, shift their focus towards the good in their lives, and develop a sense of contentment and happiness. It teaches them to appreciate the small things and find joy in everyday experiences.

The concept behind Gratitude Sun is simple yet impactful. Children are invited to write down the things they feel grateful for around the sun, creating a beautiful visual representation of their gratitude. This activity prompts children to reflect on the positive aspects of their lives and encourages them to express their appreciation for the people, experiences, and things that bring them joy and happiness.

Engaging in discussions about gratitude with your little one can be an enriching experience. Take the opportunity to explore and delve deeper into their expressions of gratitude. Encourage them to share why they are grateful for each item or experience and encourage meaningful conversations about the importance of gratitude for mental health.

The sun-themed design of Gratitude Sun adds an element of warmth and positivity to the activity.
By incorporating Gratitude Sun into your child's routine, you are empowering them to develop a grateful mindset that will have a lasting impact on their well-being. They will learn to find joy in the simple things, develop resilience, and navigate challenges with a positive outlook.

This is a Mini & Me activity – you can download our adult version and complete this with your child, sharing your own gratitude and setting the stage for positive communication.