Fuzzy Feelings Scavenger Hunt

Hunt for the objects that make your child feel these fuzzy feelings! Plus draw the emotion on the monster.

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Resource Info

Get ready for an exciting adventure with the Fuzzy Feelings Scavenger Hunt! This interactive and engaging activity is designed for children aged 3 and above to explore and identify the objects that evoke different emotions. With a fun monster theme, this scavenger hunt encourages children to connect their feelings with specific items they encounter.

The Fuzzy Feelings Scavenger Hunt consists of a scavenger hunt worksheet where children are prompted to search for objects that elicit various emotions. As they embark on the hunt, children not only engage in a playful activity but also deepen their understanding of emotions and learn to recognise the connection between objects and feelings.


• Scavenger hunts are great mindful activities that help us to process our environment and help us to feel calm and grounded.
• The monster theme adds a delightful touch to the scavenger hunt, capturing children's imagination and enthusiasm.
• Helps to develop emotional literacy skills, enabling children to label and communicate their feelings effectively.
• Acts as a great communication tool with you - the caregiver, teacher or professional – to know which objects bring your child calm, comfort and happiness and which objects don’t.
• Promotes emotional awareness and regulation, and enhances children's overall emotional intelligence.

This is a fun and valuable resource for anyone seeking to support children's emotional development.