Friendship Operation! – Operate to Create the Perfect Friend

Friendship Operation encourages your children to become skilled surgeons as they operate to create the perfect friend! This printable game of friendship helps children to learn about healthy friendships and evaluate their own current friendships as they take it in turns to cut and stick body parts (friendship values). For 2+ players.

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Resource Info

Friendship Operation!: Operate to Create the Perfect Friend!

Friendship is like a delicate operation, requiring care, attention, and the right values to thrive. In Friendship Operation, children embark on a playful journey to explore the qualities that make for healthy and meaningful friendships. Inspired by the classic game of Operation, this printable game challenges children to operate on their friend-to-be, building a person that embodies healthy friendship values.

Game Overview:

In Friendship Operation, players take turns 'operating' by glueing and discussing body parts representing core friendship values. Each body part represents a different friendship trait, such as kindness or honesty.

Key Components:

  1. Printable Game Board: The game board features illustrations of a friend-to-be with different body parts labeled with friendship values. Players select and glue the values onto each body part to complete their friend.
  2. Friendship Values Cards: Our Body Part Cards represent the qualities of healthy friendships, explaining why this is a good friendship trait and prompting group discussion.
  3. Finger Dexterity: This game can be quite fiddly! Although we're not using tweezers, players must try to glue the body parts in place as precise as they can!

How to Play:

For 2+ players. Operate to create the perfect friend and learn about what makes a good friend along the way! You’ll need some scissors and a glue stick. Cut out the Body Parts (right) and the Body Part Cards (below and next page). Keep the body parts safe - make sure you don’t lose any! - and shuffle the Body Part Cards. Place the Body Part Cards face down on the table. Take it in turns to each pick a Body Part Card and find the corresponding body part. Glue the body part in the correct position on the game board as precise as you can! This can be tricky and fiddly - you’ll have to have the skill of a surgeon! Read out the text on the card and discuss with the group.

Why Friendship Operation Matters:

Friendship Operation offers more than just entertainment—it's an opportunity for children to explore and understand the importance of healthy friendships. By engaging in playful interaction and collaboration, children develop empathy, communication skills, and a deeper appreciation for the qualities that contribute to healthy friendships.

Download this resource now and encourage the children in your life to make and maintain healthy friendships.