Football Emotion Flashcards

Perfect for football fans! Use these emotion cards to help explore and discuss feelings.

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Resource Info

Our football Emotion Flashcards are a set of 16 fun and engaging flashcards designed to support emotional literacy in children aged 3 to 8.

Key Features:

• Football Theme: The flashcards are football-themed, incorporating the popular sport to capture children's interest and engagement.
• Emotion Representation: Each flashcard depicts a specific emotion, allowing children to visually identify and recognise different emotions.
• Emotional Literacy Development: The flashcards help children develop emotional literacy by providing a visual representation of emotions and facilitating discussions around feelings.
• Literacy Development: By associating emotions with football-related visuals, children can enhance their vocabulary and language skills as they learn to express and label different emotions.


• Emotional Development: The flashcards support children in understanding and identifying their own emotions as well as recognising and empathising with the emotions of others.
• Literacy Enhancement: The visual representations and accompanying emotion labels contribute to vocabulary expansion and the development of emotional expression and communication skills.
• Engagement and Fun: The football theme adds an element of fun and excitement, capturing children's attention and making the learning experience enjoyable.
• Support for Various Settings: The flashcards can be utilized by parents, professionals, and teachers in various settings, including homes, classrooms, or therapeutic settings, to facilitate discussions and activities around emotions.
• Suitable for Different Ages: While designed for children aged 3 to 8, the flashcards can be adapted to suit the developmental level and needs of individual children.

In summary, Football Emotion Flashcards are a valuable resource for supporting emotional literacy and literacy development in children aged 3 to 8 and children of varying needs. With a football theme and engaging visuals, these flashcards provide a fun and relatable way to teach and discuss emotions. They promote emotional development, enhance language skills, and offer a versatile tool for parents, professionals, and teachers to engage children in meaningful discussions about emotions in various settings.