Football and Feelings [Game]

Explore emotions using the emotional game of football in this fun scenario based card game.

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Resource Info

Explore emotions using the emotional game of football.

Children (and grown ups!) can feel lots of different emotions from all over the emotional spectrum whilst playing and watching football, use these cards to help children learn about these emotions and how they would feel in our fun scenarios.

About this resource:

Football and Feelings is an engaging card game designed to explore emotions through football scenarios. Suitable for children aged 5-9, children can learn about different emotions and how they might feel in various fun scenarios related to the game of football.

Key Features:

Football Scenarios: The cards presents football-related scenarios that can evoke different emotions in players. These scenarios might include scoring a goal, missing a penalty, or winning a match. By discussing and role-playing these scenarios, children can explore and understand the emotions associated with them.

Emotional Development: Football and Feelings promotes emotional development by encouraging players to identify and express their emotions through gameplay.

Communication and Openness: The game creates a safe and open environment for football lovers to discuss and share their feelings. By engaging in conversations about emotions and the scenarios presented, children develop communication skills, learn to express themselves effectively, and gain a deeper understanding of their own emotions and those of others.


• Emotional Exploration: Football and Feelings provides a platform for children to explore and understand a range of emotions in the context of football. This game allows them to navigate different scenarios and develop insights into how emotions can arise during sporting events.
• Emotional Development: By engaging with the game's scenarios and discussing their feelings, children enhance their emotional intelligence and self-awareness. They learn to manage and regulate their emotions, building resilience and emotional well-being.
• Communication and Empathy: The game encourages open communication and empathy among players. By sharing their emotions, children can develop empathy and the ability to support and understand their peers.

Football and Feelings is a valuable resource for parents, professionals, and teachers seeking to promote emotional development and exploration. It can be used in various settings, including classrooms, therapy sessions, or at home. By playing this game, children will develop emotional literacy, enhance their communication skills, and gain a deeper understanding of emotions in the context of football.