Flip the Thought

A pancake themed CBT-inspired resource helping children to reframe - or flip - unhelpful thoughts.

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Resource Info

This sweet-themed resource is perfect for Pancake Day or any pancake lover! Incorporating the CBT technique of thought reframing, Flip the Thought helps your children to challenge unhelpful, critical or intrusive thoughts.

By using the visual metaphor of flipping a pancake, this activity teaches children how to reframe their thoughts from unhelpful to helpful.

Key Features:

Thought awareness: The activity prompts children to identify unhelpful thoughts that may be causing distress or negative emotions. It encourages them to become more aware of their thinking patterns and recognise when thoughts are unproductive or harmful.

Metaphorical flipping: Using the concept of flipping a pancake, children are taught to imagine flipping their thoughts from negative to positive or from unhelpful to helpful. This visual element helps them understand the process of thought reframing in a fun and relatable way.

Cognitive restructuring: Flip the Thought guides children through the process of challenging and replacing unhelpful thoughts with more constructive and positive ones. It introduces them to the idea that they have control over their thoughts and can actively choose to reframe them.

Problem-solving skills: The activity encourages children to think critically and find alternative perspectives or solutions to the challenges or negative thoughts they may be facing.

Thought Reframing is a skill taught in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), helping patients to learn the process of replacing negative thoughts (which can worsen things like anxiety, depression, and pain) with more helpful thoughts.

Learning this skill early on and adding this to your child’s mental health toolkit can prove to be an invaluable, life-long coping skill.


Thought Management: Flip the Thought helps children to learn to manage their thoughts and build a more adaptable and resilient mindset, enabling them to navigate challenges more effectively.

Emotional well-being: By reframing unhelpful thoughts, children can experience a positive shift in their emotions and overall well-being. They learn to manage negative thoughts and develop a more positive outlook, leading to improved emotional regulation.

Self-empowerment: The activity empowers children by showing them that they have the ability to change their thoughts and influence their own emotional state.

Problem-solving mindset: Flip the Thought nurtures children's problem-solving skills by encouraging them to find alternative perspectives and solutions. It equips them with valuable tools to address challenges and overcome negative thinking patterns.