Feelings Actions and Expression Cards

Help your little one to recognise expressions and actions and pair them with a feeling.

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Resource Info

The Feelings Actions and Expression Cards are a valuable resource for helping children recognise and understand emotions. By pairing expressions and actions with specific feelings, children can enhance their emotional literacy and develop empathy towards others.


Emotional Literacy: The cards provide visual representations of facial expressions and corresponding actions, allowing children to learn and identify emotions more effectively. This enhances their ability to recognise and express their own feelings, as well as understand the emotions of others.

Reading Facial Cues: Understanding and interpreting facial expressions is an important aspect of social communication. These cards help children associate facial cues with specific emotions, enabling them to better read and interpret the feelings expressed by others.

Empathy Development: By recognising and connecting emotions with facial expressions and actions, children can develop empathy towards others. They learn to understand that different emotions may require different responses and develop a greater capacity for relating to and supporting others.

Emotional Awareness: The cards promote emotional awareness by encouraging children to reflect on their own emotions and connect them with corresponding expressions and actions. This self-awareness helps children better regulate their emotions and communicate their needs effectively.
Connecting with Others: Through the use of real children on the cards, children can relate more easily to the emotions displayed. This connection develops a sense of empathy and understanding, as they can see emotions expressed by individuals who resemble themselves or their peers.

By incorporating these Feelings Actions and Expression Cards into activities and discussions, parents, professionals, and teachers can provide children with a valuable tool for emotional development, empathy building, and effective communication.