Feeling Blue

Explore the feeling of sadness with the blues scale.

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Resource Info

This resource explores the feeling of sadness using our blue scale (the deeper blue equals the sadder you feel), helping children to identify and manage their low mood. What can they do to help themselves feel better?

About this resource:

Feeling Blue is a resource designed to help children explore and understand the emotion of sadness. Using the blues scale as a metaphor, children can identify and manage their low mood. The resource encourages children to reflect on their feelings and discover strategies to help themselves feel better when they experience sadness.


• Emotional awareness: The resource helps children understand the emotion of sadness and provides a framework to identify and express their feelings.
• Emotional development: The blues scale is used as a visual representation of sadness, with deeper shades of blue representing a more intense feeling of sadness. This scale enables children to reflect on their emotions and gauge the intensity of their sadness.
• Coping strategies: Children are encouraged to explore various strategies that can help them feel better when they are feeling sad. This empowers children to develop their own coping mechanisms and promotes emotional resilience.
• Creative expression: The resource allows children to express their feelings through writing and drawing, fostering emotional expression and self-awareness.

This resource can be beneficial for children experiencing low mood or sadness, providing them with tools and strategies to manage their emotions and improve their well-being.