Exploring My Anger

Track, manage and reflect on anger outbursts.

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Resource Info

Helping children to understand their triggers and emotions is one small step in helping them control their anger. This worksheet helps them to reflect on emotional outbursts by thinking about what led to the anger and what they can do differently next time.

About this resource:

Exploring My Anger is a valuable tool designed to help children understand, track, manage, and reflect on their anger outbursts. By gaining insight into their triggers and emotions, children can take steps towards controlling their anger and developing healthier coping strategies. This activity encourages self-reflection, communication, and the exploration of calming techniques.

Key Features:

• Anger Reflection: The worksheet prompts children to reflect on their anger outbursts by considering what led to the anger and how they responded. This process allows them to gain a deeper understanding of their triggers, thoughts, and emotions associated with anger.
• Anger Thermometer: The worksheet includes an anger thermometer, where children can rate the intensity of their anger during each outburst. This visual tool helps children identify the level of anger they experienced to prevent reaching the top of the thermometer in future.
• Anger Management Strategies: The worksheet encourages children to think about what they could do differently in future anger-inducing situations. It prompts them to explore and brainstorm healthier ways to manage their anger, fostering the development of effective coping skills.
• Communication Skills: By engaging in this activity, children are prompted to communicate their feelings and experiences surrounding anger. This promotes open and honest communication, allowing parents, professionals, or teachers to better understand and support the child's emotional well-being.


• Self-Awareness: Through reflection and tracking, children develop a deeper awareness of their anger triggers, signs, and patterns. This awareness empowers them to recognise and address their anger in a more constructive manner.
• Anger Management: The worksheet provides a structured framework for exploring anger management strategies. By identifying alternative responses and coping techniques, children can develop healthier ways of expressing and managing their anger.
• Emotional Regulation: Through self-reflection and the use of calming techniques, children learn to regulate their emotions and respond more calmly in anger-provoking situations.
• Communication and Support: By engaging in this activity, children have an opportunity to communicate their anger experiences, concerns, and progress to parents, professionals, or teachers. This promotes understanding and facilitates targeted support.

Target Audience: Exploring My Anger is designed for children aged 9-11. It can be used by parents, professionals, and teachers to support anger management, promote self-reflection, and facilitate open communication in various settings such as homes, schools, counseling sessions, or therapy programs.