Explore a Feeling

Explore how your child is feeling with this fun worksheet.

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Resource Info

Does your little one fancy themselves as a bit of an explorer? Then why not explore this resource?

This is a fun check-in activity which helps your child to assess how they feel and become more mindful of how they are feeling. Asking them to pick a colour that represents the feeling, how big the feeling is and where they feel it on their body.

More about this resource:

Explore a Feeling is a fun and engaging worksheet designed to help children explore and assess their emotions. If your little one fancies themselves as an explorer, they're in for an exciting adventure! This activity promotes mindfulness and emotional awareness by inviting children to delve into their feelings and gain a deeper understanding of their emotions.

The worksheet features an explorer theme, captivating children's imaginations and encouraging their active participation in exploring their emotions.

Through this activity, children can develop emotional literacy and become more mindful of their feelings. By regularly checking in and reflecting on their emotions, children gain insight into their emotional state, allowing them to express themselves more effectively and seek support when needed. The explorer theme adds an element of excitement and adventure to the process, making it enjoyable for children to engage in self-reflection.

Explore a Feeling is a valuable resource for parents, professionals, and teachers. It provides a structured framework for discussing emotions and fostering emotional literacy in children. By incorporating this worksheet into daily routines or classroom activities, adults can create a safe and supportive environment for children to explore their feelings and develop essential emotional skills.


• Enhances children's emotional literacy and awareness.
• Encourages open discussions about emotions and anxieties.
• Fosters a deeper understanding of personal feelings.
• Promotes regular check-ins and self-reflection.
• Supports effective emotional expression and communication.
• Cultivates mindfulness and self-regulation skills.
• Develops a vocabulary for discussing emotions.
• Sparks children's curiosity and engagement.
• Creates a safe and supportive environment for emotional exploration.
• Empowers children to express their emotions and seek support when needed.

Join the expedition of Explore a Feeling and embark on a journey of emotional exploration with your child. Encourage them to assess how they feel, identify their emotions, and become more mindful of their inner world. This fun and interactive resource will promote emotional literacy, open up conversations about emotions and empower children to navigate their emotional landscape with confidence and self-awareness.