Exercise the Mind – Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 – FREE

This Mental Health Awareness Week, dive into the theme of exercise with our engaging printable resource designed to exercise the mind! Bursting with fun activities, puzzles, and challenges, this resource encourages children to flex their mental muscles whilst inspiring creativity, problem-solving skills, and emotional resilience. From brain teasers to memory games, children will enjoy a variety of stimulating activities that promote cognitive development and support their overall well-being. Download for free now!

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Resource Info

This Mental Health Awareness Week, the spotlight is on movement an exercise! We have lots of free Mental Health Awareness Week resources for you, all about physical activity, but this resource is all about exercising the mind!

This printable resource is designed to engage children in stimulating activities that promote mental well-being and cognitive development. Join us in exploring the power of exercise for the mind and encouraging children to flex their mental muscles!


  • Promotes cognitive development and mental agility.
  • Encourages creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • Fosters resilience and emotional regulation.
  • Provides a fun and engaging way to support mental health.

Resource Description:

Our printable resource is packed with fun and interactive activities and puzzles that exercise the brain. From word searches and riddles to breathing exercises and memory games, children will enjoy a variety of challenges designed to stimulate their minds and spark their imaginations. Whether they're exploring new concepts, solving language problems, or simply engaging in playful activities, this resource offers a wealth of opportunities for children to exercise their brains and nurture their mental wellbeing.

How to Use:

  1. Download the printable resource from our website.
  2. Invite children to explore the various activities included in the resource.
  3. Encourage them to tackle each activity at their own pace, colouring in the sheet as they go!
  4. Use the resource as a springboard for discussions about the importance of mental exercise and its impact on overall well-being.
  5. Incorporate the activities into daily routines or classroom settings to promote ongoing mental stimulation and growth.

Ready to exercise little minds this Mental Health Awareness Week with our engaging and interactive printable resource? By encouraging children to participate in activities that challenge and stimulate their brains, we're helping them develop essential cognitive skills and supporting their mental well-being. Download this fun worksheet now!