Emotions Word Search

A fun mindful emotion learning puzzle.

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Resource Info

Bring emotional learning into your every day with this mindful word search. Bonus points for acting out each emotion when they find it!

About this resource:

Our Emotions Word Search is a fun and mindful activity that promotes emotional literacy and engages children in a word search puzzle. This interactive worksheet allows children to enhance their understanding of emotions while enjoying the process of searching for emotion-related words.


• Emotional Literacy: The word search puzzle focuses on emotions, helping children to develop their emotional vocabulary and recognise different feelings. By searching for and identifying emotion-related words, children deepen their understanding and awareness of emotions.
• Mindful Fun: The activity combines the benefits of mindfulness and fun. Engaging in the word search requires focus, attention, and concentration, creating a mindful experience that promotes calmness and cognitive engagement.
• Emotional Awareness: As children search for emotion words hidden in the puzzle, they practise identifying and connecting the written words with specific emotions. This activity strengthens their ability to recognise and label different feelings.
• Literacy Skills: The word search activity contributes to reading skills, including word recognition, pattern recognition, and visual scanning. Children improve their reading and word recognition skills as they locate and identify emotion words horizontally, vertically, or diagonally within the puzzle.
• Playful Expression: Acting out each emotion adds an interactive and playful element to the activity. It encourages children to engage their bodies and express emotions through physical gestures.