Emotions in the Ocean

Give our sea creatures some emotion faces!

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Resource Info

Ready to dive deep into the sea and give our friendly sea creatures some feelings?

About this resource

Emotions in the Ocean is a delightful resource that invites children to explore and express emotions through an under the sea theme. This activity combines emotional literacy, creativity, and colouring to help children develop emotional awareness and understanding. This resource can be used in so many ways! Inspiring option activities such as acting out emotions, creating stories for our sea creatures, practising their literacy skills by labelling them, and colouring them in.

• Emotional Literacy: The resource focuses on emotional literacy, enabling children to learn about different emotions and their expressions. By associating emotions with friendly sea creatures, children can relate emotions to relatable and engaging characters.
• Emotion Learning: Children have the opportunity to explore and learn about a range of emotional expressions in a fun and interactive way. They can identify emotions, discuss their meanings, and practise expressing and understanding them.
• Mindful and Creative: The activity promotes mindfulness as children engage in imaginative play, creative expression, and colouring. It provides a calming and enjoyable experience that allows children to focus their attention on the present moment.
• Under the Sea Theme: The under the sea theme adds an element fun and adventure to the activity. Children can dive into an imaginative world filled with friendly sea animals, enhancing their engagement and connection with the emotions explored.


• Emotional Literacy: Children enhance their emotional vocabulary and comprehension through exploring and identifying emotions in a memorable setting.
• Emotion Learning: The activity facilitates learning about emotions and their expressions, helping children understand and manage their own feelings and empathise with others.
• Emotional Awareness: Children develop self-awareness and empathy as they engage with different emotions and reflect on their own emotional experiences.
• Mindfulness: The activity encourages present-moment awareness and focused engagement, promoting mindfulness and relaxation.
• Creativity and Expression: Through acting, storytelling, labelling, and colouring, children express their creativity and develop their imaginative and artistic skills.

This is the perfect emotional literacy resource for early years and key stage 1 children. It is suitable for parents, professionals, and teachers to use in various settings, including homes, classrooms, or therapy sessions, to promote emotional literacy and awareness.