Emotion Tickets

Track and discuss emotions with these printable Emotion Tickets!

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Resource Info

Track and discuss emotions with these printable Emotion Tickets! Our tickets are a valuable tool for any home, classroom or workplace.

These printable tickets serve as a means of surveying childrens’ emotions and encouraging open communication. You can hand out to start the day or leave them lying around for children to pick up when they have something on their mind.

About this resource:

By using Emotion Tickets, parents, professionals, and teachers can create a supportive environment for emotional expression.

This resource consists of printable tickets that can be easily distributed and used on a daily basis. Each page contains three tickets, allowing for multiple individuals to participate.


• Track Emotions: Emotion Tickets enable the tracking of emotions over time. By regularly filling out these tickets, children and caregivers can become more aware of their emotional states, patterns, and changes.
• Self Reflection: Help children get in touch with their own emotions and learn how to regularly check in with our they feel. This self-reflection promotes emotional intelligence and helps individuals recognise and understand their feelings better.
• Encourage Discussion and Open Communication: Our Emotion Tickets facilitate non-judgmental and supportive discussions about emotions. They provide an invitation for individuals to express their feelings and initiate conversations with others.
• Enhance Emotional Literacy: Using Emotion Tickets supports the development of emotional literacy. By engaging with the tickets and identifying emotions, individuals expand their emotional vocabulary, deepen their understanding of various feelings, and improve their ability to express and communicate emotions effectively.

Emotion Tickets provide a practical and effective resource for tracking emotions, encouraging discussions, and promoting emotional literacy. Whether used in a classroom, home, or work setting, Emotion Tickets encourage regular communication, emotional awareness, and a deeper understanding of one's own and others' feelings.