Emotion Sentences

PRINTABLE WIPE CLEAN ACTIVITY – Laminate and use again and again!

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Resource Info

PRINTABLE WIPE CLEAN ACTIVITY – Laminate and use again and again!

Emotion Sentences is a valuable resource designed for children aged 4 to 6 to enhance their emotional literacy and letter formation skills.

This printable activity provides writing prompts in the form of emotion sentences that allow children to explore different emotions. By copying and writing each sentence, children are encouraged to reflect on what makes them feel these emotions, building a deeper understanding of their own emotional experiences.

About this resource:

Printable Writing Prompts: The Emotion Sentences resource consists of printable writing prompts in the form of simple sentences such as "I am happy" and "I am sad." These prompts serve as a starting point for children to engage in writing practise and reflect on their emotions.

Emotional Literacy Development: Through the act of copying and writing the emotion sentences, children develop their emotional literacy skills. They learn to recognise and spell various emotions, expanding their emotional vocabulary and understanding.

Bringing Emotional Literacy into the Everyday Curriculum: This resource is designed to seamlessly integrate emotional literacy into the daily curriculum. By incorporating these writing prompts into writing activities or language lessons, teachers and parents reinforce the notion that all feelings are normal and accepted.