Emotion Pairs

Match the emotion card to the word card.

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Resource Info

A fun emotion literacy game for younger minds. Emotion pairs is a card game that encourages your child to match the emotion card with the word card. Simply download, print, cut out and match!

About this resource

Emotion Pairs is a card game where children match emotion cards with corresponding word cards, encouraging them to make connections between emotions and their corresponding labels, promoting emotional literacy and cognitive development.

By engaging in this game, children enhance their emotional awareness and vocabulary as they learn to recognise and label different emotions. The game supports literacy development by associating emotions with written words, helping children expand their language skills and reinforce their reading abilities.

Emotion Pairs provides a brain-stimulating activity that promotes concentration, memory recall, and cognitive skills as children remember and match the emotion and word pairs.

User-Friendly: The game is easy to use, with printable cards that can be conveniently downloaded, printed, and cut out for immediate play.


• Emotional Development: Emotion Pairs enables children to develop a better understanding of emotions, fostering emotional intelligence and the ability to express and manage their own feelings.
• Literacy Enhancement: The game contributes to language and literacy development, as children practice reading and associating written words with corresponding emotions.
• Cognitive Skills: The matching aspect of the game challenges children's memory, focus, and problem-solving abilities, enhancing their cognitive skills.
• Interactive and Engaging: Emotion Pairs offers an interactive and enjoyable way for children to learn and reinforce emotional concepts through a game format.
• Versatile Use: Parents, professionals, and teachers can easily incorporate this game into various settings, such as homes, classrooms, or therapy sessions, to support emotional development and literacy skills.

This user-friendly game is a valuable resource for parents, professionals, and teachers to support children's emotional development and literacy skills in an enjoyable and engaging way.