Emoji Emotion Print

A fun emotion print using popular emojis.

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Resource Info

Our Emoji Emotion Print is a fun and engaging resource that uses fun emojis to depict various emotions. With 25 emojis representing different feelings, this print can be displayed in classrooms or used to facilitate discussions about emotions and feelings.

About this resource:

• Engaging Visuals: The use of emojis as visual representations of emotions appeals to children, particularly those familiar with smart devices. The colourful and relatable emojis capture a range of emotions, making it easier for children to identify and discuss their feelings.
• Emotional Exploration: Our Emoji Emotion Print encourages children to explore and express their emotions. By engaging with the emojis and discussing the associated feelings, children can develop a vocabulary for expressing their emotions and deepen their emotional understanding.
• Promotes Open Discussion: This resource serves as a catalyst for conversations about emotions. Whether used in a classroom or at home, the Emoji Emotion Print can prompt meaningful discussions about emotions, empathy, and building emotional intelligence.

Emoji Emotion Print is a valuable tool for parents, professionals, and teachers who want to support children in developing emotional awareness and understanding. By using this print, children can enhance their ability to recognise and communicate their emotions effectively.