Down in the Dumps

Send your thoughts to the rubbish tip in this imaginative, smelly activity.

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Resource Info

This resource is sure to kick up a stink! Help your child to send their unhelpful thoughts to the tip!

Directions: Help to release the unhelpful thoughts in your child’s head by taking out the rubbish! Ask your child to visualise their unhelpful thoughts being taken out to the dump and left where they belong.

About this resource:

Down in the Dumps is an imaginative and fun visualisation activity designed to help children aged 5-11 manage unhelpful thoughts. This fun worksheet encourages children to visualise their unhelpful thoughts amongst the rubbish, allowing them to let go of worry and anxiety in a creative and engaging way.

This is a wonderful and unique resource for anxiety and thought management. It provides children with a playful and imaginative activity to release their anxieties and worries. By visualising their unhelpful thoughts as garbage, children can symbolically separate themselves from these thoughts and recognise that they don't belong in their heads.


• This resource encourages children to actively participate in the process of letting go of worry and anxiety. By engaging in this activity, they can externalise their thoughts and visualise them being taken away to the dump, where they belong.
• The fun and engaging nature of "Down in the Dumps" make it a valuable tool for parents, professionals, and teachers. It offers a creative approach to addressing anxieties and worries, allowing children to explore their emotions in a safe and interactive way.
• By incorporating this resource into discussions or therapy sessions, adults can help children develop healthy coping mechanisms and encourage open conversations about mental well-being.
• Provides a playful approach to managing anxieties and worries.
• Encourages imaginative thinking and visualisation techniques and introduces these as a concept to manage our mental health.
• Supports the process of letting go and separating from unhelpful thoughts and worries.
• Fosters a sense of relief and empowerment in children.
• Promotes open discussions about mental well-being.
• Helps develop healthy coping mechanisms in children – children learn that by writing down worries this can help to alleviate them.
• Offers a creative outlet for expressing emotions and concerns.
• Enhances children's ability to manage and regulate their emotions.
• Contributes to a positive and proactive approach to mental health.

Take a deep breath, grab a pen, and join the smelly adventure of Down in the Dumps. Help your child visualise their unhelpful thoughts being sent to the rubbish tip and experience the empowering feeling of letting go.