Destroy This Page

16 great activities for channelling and letting go of big emotions.

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Resource Info

Looking for ways to help children and teens channel big and overwhelming emotions such as anxiety, frustration or anger? This fun 16 page resource is for you!

Directions: Each page must be destroyed - follow the prompts listed to wreck each page. Whether it's by scribbling, colouring outside the lines or tearing. Let them be as imaginative as they can!

About this resource

Destroy This Page is a unique anger management resource designed for children aged 9 to 16 who need strategies to channel and release their big and overwhelming emotions.

This 16-page printable journal provides 16 different activities that encourage children to let go of emotions such as anxiety, frustration, or anger.

• Anger Management: This downloadable Destroy this Page journal offers a variety of activities specifically designed to help children manage and cope with intense emotions. Each page provides a prompt for the child to follow in order to "destroy" the page.
• Creative Expression: The activities in the journal encourage creative expression and imagination. Children are encouraged to scribble, colour outside the lines, tear, or engage in other forms of artistic destruction.
• Emotional Release: By engaging in the destruction of the pages, children are provided with a physical outlet to release and let go of their emotions in a safe and controlled manner.
• Empowerment: The resource empowers children by giving them control over their emotions. They can choose how they want to destroy each page and release their emotions in a way that feels most comfortable and effective for them.
• Fun and Engaging: The activities in the journal are designed to be enjoyable and entertaining, making the process of managing emotions more engaging and less daunting for children.


• By providing a physical outlet, the resource supports emotional self-regulation and helps children gain a sense of control over their emotional experiences.
• Engaging in the destruction of the pages can serve as a stress relief technique, allowing children to release pent-up emotions and alleviate feelings of anxiety or frustration.
• The resource promotes self-reflection and emotional awareness as children engage with their emotions during the activities. It encourages them to identify and understand their feelings better.
• The activities in the journal provide children with alternative coping strategies for dealing with intense emotions. It offers them a healthy and creative way to channel their emotions.

Through a variety of creative and fun activities, children can explore and express their emotions in a controlled and empowering way. This resource supports emotional regulation, stress relief, emotional awareness, and the development of healthy coping skills.