Design an Armband

In sports, armbands are worn by professional players to highlight all sorts of important causes. What's important to your child?

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Resource Info

The Design an Armband activity encourages children to express their values, belief and important causes through designing and wearing a sports armband. By engaging in this activity, children can gain a deeper understanding of their identity, develop a sense of purpose and foster confidence in their own opinions and thoughts.

Just like sports stars who often wear armbands to highlight important causes, children too can design their own band to highlight something close to their heart.

Key Features:

Personalised expression: Children are prompted to think about something important to them, whether it's friendship, kindness, environmental conservation, or any other meaningful theme. They have the freedom to design an armband that represents their chosen cause or value.

Creative design opportunity: The activity involves designing and cutting out an armband, allowing children to unleash their creativity and decorate their armband with colours, symbols and messages that reflect them and their chosen theme.
Pride and empowerment: Wearing the armband serves as a visible representation of children's beliefs and values, promoting a sense of pride, empowerment, and a feeling of contribution towards important causes.


Self-discovery: Engaging in the activity helps children explore their own thoughts and opinions, deepening their self-awareness and understanding of their values.

Sense of purpose: Designing an armband centred around a chosen cause or value gives children a sense of purpose and meaning.

Confidence and self-expression: By expressing their beliefs through the armband, children develop confidence in their own opinions and thoughts, strengthening their self-expression skills.

Personal growth: This activity supports children's emotional well-being and personal growth by encouraging them to reflect on what is important to them and developing their sense of identity and self-worth.

Overall, the Design an Armband activity promotes creativity, self-discovery, and empowerment, providing sports-loving children with a meaningful outlet for self-expression and a sense of pride in their beliefs and values.