Design a Friendship Bracelet – Friendship Values Activity

Encourage children to reflect on their own friendships and think about the meaning of friendship in this creative activity. What friendship values are important to them? Write them in the beads and decorate! They could even gift to a friend of their choice who they think fulfils all their chosen values.

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Resource Info

Design Your Own Friendship Bracelet: A Creative Reflection Activity for Children

Friendship is a precious gift that enriches our lives with love, support, and companionship. In this creative activity, children are invited to explore the meaning of friendship and reflect on the values that are important to them. By designing their own friendship bracelet, they have the opportunity to express their unique thoughts and feelings about friendship while creating a tangible symbol of connection and appreciation.

Activity Overview:

Design Your Own Friendship Bracelet is a printable template that encourages children to reflect on their friendships and identify the values that matter most to them. Through thoughtful consideration and creative expression, children can craft a personalised bracelet that celebrates the bonds of friendship and honours the qualities that make their relationships special.

Key Components:

  1. Printable Template: The template includes a bracelet outline with spaces for children to write their most important friendship values. This serves as a visual guide for the activity and provides a framework for children to express themselves creatively.
  2. Bead Decorations: Children can decorate their friendship bracelet by colouring in, painting, adding glitter, pompoms or feathers!
  3. Reflection: This activity encourages children to reflect on the meaning of friendship and why certain values are significant to them, supporting them to evaluate their current friendships.

How to Use:

  1. Reflect on Friendship Values: Encourage children to take a moment to reflect on the values that are important to them in their friendships. What qualities do they admire in their friends? What traits do they strive to embody in their own relationships?
  2. Write Values in Beads: Using the provided beads on the bracelet template, children can write their chosen friendship values inside each bead. They may choose words like "kindness," "trust," "respect," "compassion," "support," and "fun" to represent the qualities they value most.
  3. Decorate: Once the values are written, children can mindfully decorate their friendship bracelet by colouring in, painting or glueing!
  4. Reflect and Share: After completing their friendship bracelet, encourage children to reflect on their creation and consider what it represents to them. They can share their bracelet with the friends they think embody their chosen qualities.

Design Your Own Friendship Bracelet is not just a creative activity—it's a meaningful opportunity for children to explore the depth and significance of their friendships. Download this resource now by signing up and hitting the download button above!