Daily Connections Flashcards

These flashcards will help familiarise young children with the various people they interact with on a daily basis.

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Resource Info

Our Daily Connections Flashcards are designed to familiarise young children with the various people they interact with on a daily basis. From family members to healthcare professionals, teachers, and more, these flashcards help children recognise and understand the importance of different connections in their lives.

Key Features:

Visual representation: Each flashcard features a person that children commonly encounter in their daily lives. The visual representation helps children associate faces with different roles, fostering recognition and understanding.

Identification and learning: By using the flashcards, children can learn to identify and name the people they interact with regularly. This activity promotes cognitive development, vocabulary expansion and social awareness.

Broadens perspective: The flashcards introduce children to a diverse range of individuals, highlighting the significance of various connections and the roles people play in their lives.


Social awareness: The Daily Connections Flashcards foster social awareness by helping children recognise and appreciate the different individuals they encounter daily. This understanding promotes empathy, respect and encourages positive social interactions.

Vocabulary development: Through the flashcards, children expand their vocabulary as they learn to identify and name the people in their lives. This strengthens their language skills and enhances their ability to communicate effectively.

Cognitive and memory skills: Using the flashcards engages children's cognitive abilities, including memory and recognition. The visual cues and interactive nature of the activity support cognitive development and memory retention.

Safe and Supportive: Exploring connections helps children feel safe and comfortable when interacting with people in their daily lives. They help children learn about important roles in society and feel prepared for engaging with different people.