Copy the Gingerbread Emotion

Christmas is full of lots of different emotions, so let's explore them with our new festive themed resource! Can your children copy the emotion on the blank gingerbread?

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Resource Info

Christmas can be a very emotional time of year and we think that your children will feel all of the five emotions featured in this resource and more during the festive period. Help younger minds navigate those emotions by learning about emotional expression and communication in this fun gingerbread themed emotional literacy resource.

Directions: We've included five gingerbread emotions - can your children copy the emotion on the blank gingerbread? Don't forget to decorate them too!

This resource will get your child exploring and thinking about how we express emotions and is a great discussion activity too - perhaps you could ask them a time when they felt each emotion or maybe they could come up with a story as to why our gingerbread man is feeling all these emotions during Christmas?