Classroom Display: Rainbow Breathing

Prints as 14 pages for you to cut out and display.

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Resource Info

Encourage a calm classroom with this printable classroom breathing display.

This prints out as 14 A4 pages which you can cut out and easily piece together somewhere visible. Children can place their fingers on the resource if it is somewhere reachable to practise deep breathing, starting at each star and following the colours of our rainbow, breathing in and out. But this display isn't just limited to classrooms, you can display it at home, on hospital wards, in play centres - anywhere where children may need access to a fun calming technique!

About this resource:

Our Rainbow Breathing display is an engaging and appealing visual display resource designed for early years and KS1 settings. This printable display consists of 14 A4 pages that can be easily cut out and pieced together, creating a vibrant and interactive display.

The Rainbow Breathing display features a rainbow-themed design, capturing children's attention and creating an inviting atmosphere for learning and practising deep breathing techniques.


• Promote the positive benefits of deep breathing.
• Acts as a visual tool children can use to feel calm quick when they need to
• This interactive element encourages active participation and reinforces the benefits of deep breathing for relaxation and emotional well-being.
• It promotes positive well-being by teaching children the importance of self-regulation and providing them with a practical strategy for calming their minds and bodies.
• Helps children to learn coping skills to take into adulthood.
• Supports the management of anxiety and stress.
• Fosters a calm and focused learning environment.
• Promotes positive mental health and resilience.
• Can be used as a tool for transitions or moments of emotional dysregulation.
• Enhances children's mindfulness skills and self-awareness.
• Easy to assemble and display in classrooms or other relevant settings.
• Can be used as a visual reminder of the importance of self-care and relaxation.
• Perfect for calm corners, safe places and care settings.

Create a calming and positive atmosphere in your classroom or other learning environments with our Rainbow Breathing display. Empower children to learn and practise deep breathing techniques and help them to feel in control by helping them to identify when they need to utilise calming techniques.

This engaging display supports a harmonious and mindful learning environment for children of all ages.