Circle the Emotion

Three fun activity sheets to help young children identify the correct emotions.

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Resource Info

We have three circle the emotion activities for our younger minds this week - can they circle the scared animals, the happy bugs and the sad shapes? This is a fun activity to help children learn to identify emotions and expressions.

About this resource:

Circle the Emotion is an emotional literacy resource designed for children aged 3 and above. It consists of three engaging activities that help young children identify and recognise different emotions.

• Emotion Identification: The resource provides three activities where children are tasked with circling the correct emotions, including animals, bugs and shapes. This encourages children to develop their emotional literacy skills and recognise various emotions.
• Early Years Focus: Circle the Emotion is specifically designed for early years learners, taking into account their developmental stage and cognitive abilities.
• Emotional Development: By engaging in these activities, children can enhance their emotional development by learning to identify, label, and understand different emotions and expressions.
• Inclusive: The resource is suitable for children with diverse needs, including those with ADHD or autism,.
• Fun and Engaging: The activities are designed to be fun and engaging for young children, using colourful illustrations and relatable themes to capture their attention and make the learning experience enjoyable.


• Emotional Awareness: Circle the Emotion helps children develop a greater awareness of their own emotions and the emotions of others, developing empathy and understanding.
• Emotional Literacy: The resource promotes emotional literacy skills by encouraging children to recognise and circle different emotions, laying a foundation for effective emotional expression and communication.
• Cognitive Development: Engaging in these activities supports cognitive development, including visual perception, attention to detail, and critical thinking skills.

Circle the Emotion is a valuable resource for professionals and parents who want to support children in developing emotional literacy and understanding.

By introducing emotional awareness and literacy at an early age, children can develop essential emotional regulation skills, which can positively impact their overall well-being and social interactions.