Calm Santa’s Beard! – 12 Days of Christmas Activities

Help calm a stressed Santa and his tangled beard by completing 12 daily calming activities during the school holidays.

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Resource Info

12 Days of Christmas Calm is the perfect way to help children feel calm over Christmas. In this printable pack, we bring you 12 activities starting on Christmas Day, taking you right up until 6th January.

This year our 12 Days of Christmas Calm has a fun twist - we want your children to help calm Santa's beard! All that travelling around the world has caused Santa's beard to get tangled and he's feeling stressed - to help Santa, can your children complete our 12 fun mindful activities? After they complete an activity, they get a star to stick on his beard. They need to collect all stars to calm Santa so he is able to tame his mane and start planning for next year's festivities!

Every activity has been specially designed for each day - from our Box of Kindness on Boxing Day to our Countdown to Calm on New Year's Eve. Plus, we have resources to help your children see in and process a new year.

This is for you if:

  • You're a teacher and want to set your children a fun and calming challenge over the holidays
  • Your child experiences overwhelm or dysregulation during busy times of year or school holidays
  • Your child experiences anxiety or social anxiety over Christmas
  • Your child experiences behaviour changes, such as throwing tantrums or hitting and kicking, over the Christmas period or in response to routine changes
  • You're looking for a way to help your children feel happy and calm over Christmas.

Resources include:

  • Christmas Day - Santa Vision
  • Boxing Day - My Box of Kindness
  • 27th December - The Cosy Cabin
  • 28th December - Melting Snowman
  • 29th December - Christmas Scrapbook
  • 30th December - Cup of Positivity
  • New Year's Eve - Countdown to Calm
  • New Year's Day - Why I Sparkle
  • 2nd January - My Favourite Memories of 2023
  • 3rd January - Take a Leap
  • 4th January - The Future is Bright
  • 5th January - I Wish

Have a fun and calming Christmas on us!