Breathing Techniques Poster Pack

Four pack of posters featuring three breathing exercises for kids.

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Resource Info

Our Breathing Techniques Posters are the perfect prints to display in any classroom, home or therapy room! We have one poster with all our favourite techniques on plus one for each technique. Why not change them around each term or display different posters during the year?

About this resource:

The Breathing Techniques Poster Pack consists of four posters featuring three different breathing exercises for kids. These posters can be displayed in classrooms, therapy rooms, or any environment where children can benefit from feeling calm and regulating their breathing.

• Fun and Calming: The Breathing Techniques Poster Pack provides practical tools for managing anxiety and promoting a sense of calm. The breathing exercises help children regulate their breath, reduce stress, and restore a state of relaxation during moments of overwhelm.
• Ease Worries: By focusing on their breath, children can redirect their attention away from worries and anxious thoughts. The breathing exercises presented in the poster pack offer simple and effective techniques for children age 4 and above.
• Practical Display: These posters are perfect for various settings, serving as a visual reminder and resource for children to access when they need to feel calm fast.
• Help Children Feel In Control: By displaying these posters you are allowing children to be able to identify when they may need to use them and help them to build self regulation skills. Children can feel confident knowing that they are able to calm themselves and control their own breathing when they need to.

The Breathing Techniques Poster Pack provides accessible and effective strategies for children to manage anxiety, calm their minds, and feel grounded. By practising these breathing exercises, children can enhance their emotional well-being and develop a valuable, life long self regulation skill.