Breathe Colouring

A mindful colouring sheet with a powerful reminder. Just breathe!

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Resource Info

Colouring is one of the most simple and calming activities you can do! This ‘Breathe’ resource helps children feel focused and in control of their breaths.

About this resource:

Breathe Colouring is a mindful and calming activity for children. This colouring sheet features the word 'breathe' and encourages children to engage in mindful colouring to shift their focus and promote relaxation. By colouring the sheet, children are reminded to take slow, deep breaths and bring their attention to the present moment.

Key Features:

• Mindful Colouring: Breathe Colouring provides children with a mindful activity that promotes relaxation and focus. Engaging in the colouring process helps children shift their attention away from racing thoughts and encourages a state of calmness.
• 'Breathe': The presence of the word 'breathe' on the colouring sheet serves as a subtle reminder for children to focus on their breath. As they colour, they can subconsciously synchronize their breathing with the word, promoting conscious breath control and deep relaxation.
• Shift of Focus: By directing their attention to the colouring sheet and the act of colouring, children can temporarily shift their focus from stressors or anxieties. This allows them to find a moment of respite and reconnect with a sense of calm.
• Creative Expression: Breathe Colouring offers a creative outlet for children to express themselves through colours.


• Mindfulness and Relaxation: Breathe Colouring encourages children to engage in a calming activity that promotes mindfulness and relaxation. By focusing on the colouring task and their breath, children can experience a sense of tranquillity and reduce stress levels.
• Breath Control: The presence of the word 'breathe' on the colouring sheet serves as a gentle reminder for children to regulate their breathing. By becoming more away of their breathing, they can feel calm and grounded.
• Stress Relief: Engaging in mindful colouring can provide children with a healthy outlet for stress relief. It allows them to temporarily step away from overwhelming thoughts or emotions and find a moment of peace.

Breathe Colouring is suitable for children aged 6 and above. It can be used by parents, professionals, and teachers as a mindful and calming activity in various settings, including homes, schools, therapy sessions, or mindfulness exercises.