Brain Reset

A fun guided visualisation about turning your brain off and on like a computer!

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Resource Info

Brain Reset is a delightful guided visualisation designed for children aged 4 to 11. Just like a computer, this resource invites children to imagine turning their brains off and on, experiencing a refreshing and calming mental reset.

About this resource

We recently read a post about why a computer works again when you switch it off and on. It is to do with the connections a computer makes that can get muddled and out of sync, when you switch the computer on again, it fires up, restarting the connections and correcting the misfire.

This gave us an idea! What if we could do this with our brains - or - imagine doing this with our brains? This fun script asks your child to imagine an on/off button on their heads, when they press this button, it slows down their thoughts and processes and clears their mind. When they press the button again, their brain lights up and they are able to think more clearly. You can use this fun visualisation script in class to help get little brains in gear and ready to learn, or read it aloud when your child is struggling with overwhelming or intrusive thoughts.

• Age Range: Suitable for children aged 4 to 11.
• Guided Visualisation Resource: Brain Reset offers a guided meditation script that helps children feel calm, focused, and ready to learn.
• Mindful and calming: By visualizing the process of "turning off" unhelpful thoughts and "resetting" their brains, children can experience a sense of relaxation and mental clarity.
• Beneficial for parents, professionals, and teachers looking to introduce children to meditation and support their mental well-being.
• Fun Computer Theme: The meditation script incorporates a playful computer theme, making it engaging and relatable for children.


Brain Reset empowers children to take a moment for themselves and reset their minds, promoting a sense of calm and focus. By engaging in this fun meditation script, children can learn valuable self-regulation skills and enhance their ability to manage their thoughts and emotions.

• Easy Visualisation: Brain Reset encourages children to actively engage in a guided meditation process, helping them develop mindfulness and relaxation skills from an early age.
• Calm and Focused State: By listening to an adult read Brain Reset, children can experience a state of calmness and enhanced focus, making it beneficial for various settings, such as before exams or important activities.
• Suitable for parents, professionals, and teachers seeking to introduce children to meditation and support their mental well-being.