Bad Day Support Plan

Create aplan to put in motion for those tough times.

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Resource Info

The Bad Day Support Plan is exactly as it sounds – a plan to put in motion for those tough times. This resource can help teens remember that everyone has bad days – and feel empowered to know what to do when those hard days roll around.

About this resource:

The Bad Day Support Plan is designed to help teenagers cope with challenging or difficult days by creating a personalised plan of action. By filling in the provided prompts, teenagers can identify strategies and activities that can help them navigate bad days effectively.

Key Features:

Prompts for Reflection: The activity includes prompts that encourage teenagers to reflect on their personal experiences of bad days and the emotions associated with them. This helps them learn about what techniques and actions will be useful in their support plan.

Personalised Coping Strategies: By filling in the prompts, teenagers can identify and list specific coping strategies that work for them. These strategies may include activities such as journaling, talking to a trusted friend or family member, engaging in physical exercise, practicing mindfulness, or seeking support from trusted adults.

Easy-to-Access Plan: Once completed, the support plan becomes a readily accessible resource for teenagers. It provides a quick reference guide to remind them of the strategies they can employ when they are having a bad day.


Emotional Resilience: Creating a bad day support plan equips teenagers with tools and strategies to cope with challenging emotions and situations. It promotes emotional resilience by empowering teenagers to take proactive steps to manage their well-being.

Preparedness: By having a support plan in place, teenagers are better prepared to handle difficult days. The plan serves as a reminder of the coping strategies they can turn to, reducing feelings of overwhelm and providing a sense of control.

Self-Care and Self-Reflection: The activity promotes self-care and self-reflection by encouraging teenagers to consider their emotional needs and identify activities that can help them navigate tough times. It emphasises the importance of prioritising mental well-being and recognises that bad days are normal.

This is a useful resource that assists teenagers in developing personalised strategies to navigate challenging days. It is especially useful for teenagers who may be experiencing depression, low mood or anxiety, or teenagers who are recovering from trauma.