Affirmation Octopus Craft

Our Affirmation Octopus is a delightful and creative activity that combines the power of positive affirmations with the fun of arts and crafts.

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Resource Info

Our Affirmation Octopus is a delightful and creative activity that combines the power of positive affirmations with the fun of arts and crafts.

This engaging resource is designed to promote feel-good emotions and encourage positive thinking in children. By crafting their very own octopus and filling it with uplifting affirmations, this promotes a mindset of self-belief, confidence, and positivity.

Whether you're a parent, professional, or teacher, this craft is a wonderful tool to encourage children to embrace positive thoughts and develop a healthy and optimistic outlook on life.


• Hands-on Craft: The Affirmation Octopus provides children with an interactive and engaging craft experience. They can cut out the octopus shapes, decorate them with various materials, and assemble their masterpiece. This hands-on approach enhances creativity, fine motor skills, and cognitive development.
• Affirmations for Empowerment: The octopus tentacles serve as a canvas for writing affirmations. Children can choose eight positive statements or words that inspire and uplift them. By personalising their octopus with affirmations, they actively reinforce positive self-talk and build a strong foundation of self-belief and empowerment.
• Encourages Positive Thinking: This craft resource is specifically designed to encourage happy thoughts. As children engage in the activity, they focus on affirmations that promote self-love, resilience, and optimism. This process helps shift their mindset towards positivity, enabling them to develop a more optimistic outlook.
• Expressive and Creative Outlet: The Affirmation Octopus encourages children to express their individuality and creativity. They can decorate their octopus with glitter, cereal, tissue paper, or any other materials of their choice. This artistic focus builds a sense of pride and ownership in their creation while providing an outlet for self-expression.
• Boosts Self-Esteem: Engaging in positive affirmations and creative activities has been shown to boost self-esteem in children. By creating their affirmations octopus, children experience a sense of accomplishment, reinforce positive self-perception, and develop a stronger belief in their own abilities.
• Versatile and Adaptable: This craft resource can be adapted to suit different settings and age groups. Whether it's used at home, in a classroom, or as part of a therapeutic session, the Affirmation Octopus offers flexibility and versatility. It can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each child, making it an inclusive and adaptable resource.

Incorporating the Affirmation Octopus into your activities can have a positive impact on children's emotional well-being, self-esteem, and overall optimism. It provides a tangible and visual reminder of their inner strength and capabilities, reinforcing the importance of positive thinking and self-affirmation.

Let your children dive into this joyful craft and watch them embrace the power of positive affirmations in their lives.

Your comments:

“Absolutely loved affirmation octopus! So simple and effective. More like this please!”

“Affirmation Octopus was our favourite resource this month! My little boy has been showing some negative thoughts recently, such as when I comment on his colouring or drawing he’ll tell me it’s not good or it’s rubbish. I wanted to help him think more positively and this activity was perfect! Once he thought of his positive statements he was on a roll… he then started to list everything he was good at. A transformation in his thinking!”