The Emotion Train

Help children to notice, explore and regulate emotions with the Emotion Train! This fun resource can be used in so many ways - you can display, glue together or use as flashcards.

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Resource Info

The Emotion Train is here to help children become the conductors of their feelings! Our Emotion Train features a 5 step process to help children notice and regulate emotions, and includes a carriage to display the emotion they are feeling at that time.

Our carriages:

  1. Notice - Ask: "What am I feeling?"
  2. Accept - Say: "This is what I am feeling and that is okay."
  3. Explore - Ask: "Is there a reason I feel this way?"
  4. Regulate - Ask: "Do I need to do anything about this emotion?"
  5. Move Along - Manage the feeling or let it pass and move on.

Emotion cards:

Emotion cards include: Angry, Worried, Calm, Scared, Happy, Sad, Surprised, Annoyed, Upset and Frustrated.

How to use this resource:

This wonderful emotional literacy resource can be used in so many ways:

  • As flashcards - you can cut out our carriages and use them as flashcards to help children learn about managing and recognising their emotions.
  • As a display - you can cut these out and display in a calm corner to help children know just what to do when they are feeling certain emotions.
  • As a daily communication tool - you can ask children each day to show their emotions by choosing an emotion card and then prompt discussion on how to manage and regulate that emotion.
  • As a fun glue and stick activity - you can ask children to cut out and arrange the carriage in the correct order whilst discussion each step!

Download this fun and interactive emotional literacy resource now!