Unwind The Mind

Help children unwind their mind with this printable calming activity mat.

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Resource Info

Unwind The Mind Printable Activity Mat.

Unwind the Mind is full of calming strategies and prompts for kids and teens. This is a great introduction to self-regulation skills and coping mechanisms.

With a blend of engaging strategies and activities, young minds can feel calm and in control.

Activities include:

Rainbow Breathing: Practise rainbow breathing by slowly tracing the stripes of the rainbow breathing in and out. If our rainbow is too small, they can visualise their colourful rainbow in front of them and trace the stripes in the air.

Distracting Doodling: Channel inner creativity with some soothing doodling - a great way to process emotions and find inner calm.

Mindful Maze: Find your way through our brain maze and realise that you can get to the other side.

Build a Wall: Build your confidence by building a wall full of amazing words about yourself.

Gratitude Hearts: Introduce the powerful mental impact of gratitude and write down three good things in your life.

Plus more!

Tailored for All Ages: Unwind the Mind is designed for children and teens.

Educational and Therapeutic: Whether in the classroom, therapy sessions, or at home, this resource is an invaluable addition for promoting mental well-being on World Mental Health Day.

Promote a Healthier Mindset: Encourage discussions around mental health and introduce mentally healthy habits.

Join the Movement: Celebrate World Mental Health Day by empowering young minds to prioritise their mental well-being.

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